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General Information About WRAP

Since 1997, WRAP, your connection to mental health in schools, has offered school-based therapeutic, skill-building, and supportive services in Douglas County Schools. WRAP employs full-time Master's Level Social Workers and Professional Counselors who are employed by Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center and licensed in the State of Kansas by the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board.


WRAP is available to ANY student in participating schools. In the Fall 2009, WRAP started providing services in Eudora Elementary and in the Fall of 2015, WRAP started offering part-time services at Bishop Seabury Academy in Lawrence, KS. Currently, WRAP is present in all Lawrence Public Middle Schools and High Schools and the following LPS Elementary Schools: Kennedy, New York, Pinckney, Prairie Park, Sunflower and Woodlawn.

WRAP provides, within the school environment, people, ideas and tools that promote the emotional and social development of ALL children.

WRAP provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to: individual and/or small group counseling, skill building in response to discipline referrals, parent and family support, teacher support, crisis intervention, student advocacy, communication between school / home / community, linking families and children to available resources for social / emotional development and for academic support, assistance with after-school programs and activities, mediation, service to educational teams (SIT, SST, SPED, CARE), and educational and skill building groups (friendship, divorce, leadership, etc.).

We have additional summer program services including, but not limited to: promoting positive behavior and skills by connecting kids with community programs, individual and/or small group activities, and transition workshops to help prepare children for their move onto the next grade level and/or new schools.

WRAP gives ALL children extra help to succeed in school.
There is absolutely no cost for any WRAP service during the school year.

WRAP is completely voluntary.

You can ask at any time for the WRAP clinician to cease
from providing services and support to you and/or your student.

Because WRAP clinicians are licensed clinicians, we are bound by confidentiality laws. WRAP clinicians will keep all non-academic information about your family and your child confidential, except information they are required to report by Kansas Law.

***WRAP collects data on services we provide to examine the effectiveness of WRAP.  In order to maintain absolute confidentiality, no children's or families names will ever be included, in our reports about WRAP. Periodically, we may also survey and assess students.  The survey results are used to guide our interventions with students. Aggregate results, which are not tied to students' names, are used for program evaluation. Please note that due to data collection and informed consent, we will ask you to sign a WRAP Permission Form

(please click here to view and download forms).

Interested in receiving WRAP services?

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