WRAP Group and Activity Information

WRAP Standardized Groups
(for various age levels):

Movers and Shakers in Middle School (MSMS):  A two hour transitional group for up to fifteen incoming middle school students.  The principal function of MSMS is to help incoming sixth graders ease anxiety around entering a new school environment and to strengthen connections with peers and school staff by participating in fun, safe activities.  Topics of activities include establishing friendships and connectivity through art and group work, reducing anxiety by means of familiarization of classroom agenda, locker combinations and orientation of school environment.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: A summer program designed to help facilitate and practice positive social and interpersonal skills and during the summer months to enhance previously learned skills which will aid each member in transitioning back to school smoothly.  Our goal for this summer program is to help members increase functioning levels and decrease interpersonal deficits. Members will learn and practice many skills including, health and personal hygiene practices, communication, safety, managing time, nutrition, problem solving, relationships or friendship management, social networking, leisure time, coping skills, behavioral norms, replacement behaviors, emotional recognition and regulation, while in a supportive and positive environment.  Group members will be introduced to and begin to practice independent living skills.

Please check back here after March 2016 for registration forms for these programs for the
Summer of 2016.

Please note that different schools have different groups and they may occur at different times.  Please contact the individual WRAP clinician at your school for specific information.  Thanks!