WRAP Group and Activity Information

WRAP Standardized Groups
(for various age levels):

Movers and Shakers in Middle School (MSMS):  A two hour transitional group for up to fifteen incoming middle school students.  The principal function of MSMS is to help incoming sixth graders ease anxiety around entering a new school environment and to strengthen connections with peers and school staff by participating in fun, safe activities.  Topics of activities include establishing friendships and connectivity through art and group work, reducing anxiety by means of familiarization of classroom agenda, locker combinations and orientation of school environment.
Step-Up Program:  A two hour transitional group for up to twenty incoming high school students.  Like the MSMS program, the principal function of the Step-Up program is to ease the anxiety of new high school students, aid in connecting them with peers and school staff, and introducing them to expectations for high school students.

Please note that different schools have different groups and they may occur at different times.  Please contact the individual WRAP clinician at your school for specific information.  Thanks!