Mission Statement

Since 1997, WRAP, a collaboration between school districts and Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, has been on the cutting edge enhancing mental health and promoting healthy social and emotional development in nearly every Lawrence Public Schools,Baldwin High School, Marion Springs Elementary, and Eudora Public Schools (Douglas Co. Kansas Schools). Currently WRAP is in Liberty Memorial Middle School, South Middle School, Southwest Middle School, West Middle School, Lawrence High School, Lawrence Free State High School, Eudora Elementary School, and Bishop Seabury Academy in Lawrence.

A research-supported, evidence based program, WRAP is dedicated to:

Improving child development and learning
:  By addressing the social and emotional barriers to learning with students, families and school staff, WRAP is shown to increase attendance, improve grades, and decrease discipline referrals.

Promoting resiliency, wellness and mental health
:  By addressing normal, developmental social and emotional needs that accompany life stages, WRAP is shown to increase social skills, smooth transitions into new schools, strengthen the school culture, and increase access to services while de-stigmatizing the concept of mental health.

Increasing connectivity to the broader community
:  By acting as liasons between diverse community agencies, WRAP is effective in helping children access programs and services they might otherwise miss, and in coordinating services between the community and school.