About WRAP

Goals and Function:  WRAP is a Bert Nash CMHC service in cooperation with Unified School District 497, Eudora Public Schools, Douglas County, and the Juvenile Justice Authority. WRAP is designed to improve child development and learning, increase connectivity to the broader community, and provide resiliency, wellness and mental health support within one of children’s primary natural environments: their school. The way WRAP looks and works varies somewhat among schools in order to meet the needs and fit the structure of each school.  However, the basic functions of WRAP clinicians are the same, including, but not limited to: Liaison work and “bridge building” with other community agencies, clinical mental health assistance for children and consultation to staff, and retention and overall effective functioning in the school community

Services Provided:  WRAP clinicians provide specific mental health services to the children and staff in each school including:  crisis intervention, individual and small-group counseling, skill building, mediation, parent support, teacher support/education/consultation, resource acquisition, consultation to educational teams, and transition support.  WRAP utilizes the concept of school functioning, in its broadest sense, as an indicator of a child’s mental health and social/emotional wellness.  WRAP clinicians focus on helping children achieve success; therefore assistance with social skills, self-regulation, discipline referrals, attendance, and grades are often key components in accomplishing child and family goals. 

Unique Features:  So that all students and their families can benefit from WRAP support, there is NO cost or charge for any WRAP service.  As a visible and accepted member of the school community, the WRAP clinician serves to de-stigmatize the idea of working toward positive mental health and becomes an effective liaison who can link children and families to additional resources to meet basic living needs, to enhance social and emotional development, and to address complex mental and physical health issues. 

The school setting is a critical venue in which mental health clinicians can observe functioning, as well as intervene and coach students and staff toward more effective functioning together. WRAP clinicians see children every day in their natural environment and can make assessments and observations that would be difficult to do in an in-office setting.  Moreover, a benefit of being “on-site” at each school is the ability to make personal and systemic connections within the school setting. 

WRAP is a research-based program in which data is collected on all contacts with students, their families, and relevant professionals involved in the students’ lives.  Periodically, WRAP surveys and assesses students.  Results are used to guide our interactions with students.  Aggregate results are used for program evaluation, to show the benefits of WRAP, and to show experiential outcomes and effectiveness of WRAP interventions. (Please see our Empiricial Support page for further information).

Locations and Qualifications: 
WRAP is staffed by Master's Level Social Workers and Master's Level Professional Counselors who are licensed in the State of Kansas.  WRAP is offered in all of the Lawrence Public Middle and High Schools, at Bishop Seabury Academy and Eudora Elementary School. 

WRAP has been a grant-funded program since 1997, with program personnel writing and bringing in more than $11 million to our community during this time.  The Bert Nash Center, WRAP personnel, and supportive community and school members have diligently worked to find financial sustainability of the WRAP Program through local, state, and national sources.  Starting with the 2008 - 2009 school year, the WRAP Program has been and continues to be funded through the generous support of Douglas County, Juvenile Justice Administration and The Bert Nash Center.  Beginning in the Spring of 2009 through the Spring of 2014, WRAP services were provided in each of the Eudora School Districts three schools as part of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative.  WRAP services continue at Eudora Elementary School due to funding from Eudora Public Schools, The Bert Nash Center and Douglas County.