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In September 2006, the Kansas State Library in cooperation with community libraries and school libraries launched an online tutoring service for Kansas children grades four through 12.  The program, offered through, has been in existence since 2001, and is currently offered at over 1000 public library sites and after-school organizations across the country. Conservative numbers from post session surveys indicate that during the last school year, some 15,000 students across the country accessed the program per week, and an average of 4,000 per night. The service has completed over 1 million one-to-one sessions to date.

In 2006, the State Legislature approved funding for the program for one year to evaluate its use. Kansas has 400,000 students in the grades four through 12 who may take advantage of the service.”

Tutoring is available every weekday to Kansas children, parents and teachers. Children can request the same tutor each time they log in, and Spanish language tutors will be available as well. The service is -- simple to use, students indicate their grade level and the subject they need help in—Homework Kansas will do the rest, connecting them to the best available tutor. Tutors don’t provide answers, they provide help. The help in the “online classroom” can happen via chat and instant messaging; problems may be illustrated on multiple whiteboards and viewed on the computer screen; students can browse the web with the tutor looking for resources and information; and the student can share computer files with the tutor for review.

Tutors are certified teachers, college professors, professional tutors, grad students and undergraduate students from top universities. All tutors complete a third-party criminal and reference background check administered by an independent security firm. In addition, tutors complete a rigorous training program and participate in an on-going in-depth evaluation process.